Double the size of our standard solid shed but not double the price.


Solid construction & fully weather tight, built from treated timber with colour steel roofing.  Perfect for a backyard tool shed, garden shed or storage lockup. Our quality wooden sheds are delivered to you as a finished product for quick & easy installation. We also offer cheap delivery in Auckland!

Large Solid Shed

  • Maximum External Dimensions:

    2.52m Height x 3.75m Width x 2.58m Length

    Minimum Internal Dimensions:

    2.3m Height x 3.5m Width x 2.2m Length


    Wall -12mm H3.2 exterior ply
    Wall Framing - 2×2 & 4×2 H3.2
    Floor - 18mm H3,2 exterior ply
    Floor Framing - 4×2 H3.2
    Roofing - Colour Steel Roofing
    Roof Framing - 4×2 H3.2
    Battening - 24mm H3.2
    Roller Door - 1200mm


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