Secure roller door

Perfect for garden shed.


Specifications: 2800*2000mm

Material: Colour steel corrugated iron

Colour: White

Comes with:

1x Roller door

2x Guide rails

2x Support brackets

2x U-Bolts

2x Door Stops


We ask customers to use third party couriers to pick the roller doors up. The dimensions and weight are

3100 x 400 x 400mm x 1boxes 38kg (roller door)

2000 x 50 x 50mm x 1box 1kg (aluminum guide rails)


  • Please send us the freight labels so that we can print and attach them to the box.

*We do not provide courier services for the roller doors, therefore do not know what the delivery cost will be.

Or customers can pick up from our workshop in west Auckland.

Roller Door with centre lock 2.8 x 2m



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